Garden statues or ornaments are items used to enhance and decorate parks, gardens, and other landscapes. The common types of garden ornaments include planters, statues, furniture, fountains, pedestals, and birdbaths. Choosing the right garden statues will significantly transform your outdoor oasis and add value to your home. These statues are made of different materials include natural stones, wood, and metals. Ideally, you should choose a product that is friendly to the environment.

Some of the primary factors that you must consider when purchasing garden statues include your budget, style of your garden, and availability of materials. This write-up is going to help you choose garden statues that reflect your style.


They are known for providing a better look when compared to cast stone, concrete, or natural stone. You should avoid buying statues made of metals that are susceptible to corrosion. Metal statues are designed in such a way that they can easily move when the weather is windy. Generally, these are the best additions that you need to consider for your garden or yard.

Wooden Garden Statutes

Woods artists are specialized in carving wood statues. These statues should be treated to make them more durable. I addition to this, some species of wood are prone to termite attack. There is, therefore, a need to treat these statues if you are planning to use them outdoors.

Natural Stone

a garden statue made of natural stone

People have been using natural stone to make ornaments and statues for many centuries. Being non-porous, natural stone is an ideal option for making garden statues. Products made from natural stone are more durable than those made of cast stone, concrete, and other materials. These statues are mainly carved from marble or granite.


Ceramics are used by artists to make statuary creations. Ceramics are either porous or non-porous. Porous ceramic can easily decolorize or become brittle when exposed to weather elements.

Concrete Statues

concrete garden statuesConcrete is one of the best materials for making garden statues. However, this material is quite heavy and can easily crack due to unfavorable weather conditions. For instance, water can seep into the porous crevices of concrete statues and then freeze, leading to thawing, especially during winter. Repeated thawing can weaken your concrete statues or even lead to the development of cracks.

Cast Stone

This material is obtained from refined precast concrete. Cast stone can be molded to produce shapes similar to the ones made from natural stone. Plastic, fibers, and glass are some of the additives used to make cast stone more durable, stronger, and resistant to weathering.